The four fundamental operations of arithmetic of chili processing technique
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One, red any of several hot spice plants is potted
1. Raw material choice. The choice is completely red, full, not the rare any of several hot spice plants of wilting, fruit of eliminate decay, ill, bug, after chili is fully red seasonable picked treatment, cannot hind ripe, otherwise gust is poor.
2. Catharsis. Rinse chili with clean water, eliminate dust and bilge.
3. Go the base of a fruit divides seed. With the penknife straight-cut, run from opposite directions, purify chili seed and muscle film, repair except fruit the base of a fruit.
4. Bate is very hot float. 30 ~ are ironed in putting chili into 90-95 ℃ small boiling water 60 seconds, with any of several hot spice plants piece iron fully even softness to be degree, cool in time, drop doing reserves.
5. Grading. Eliminate is completely not red, soft sodden, flecked chili, classification by size next.
6. Soup juice is allocated. Saccharic 8 kilograms, refined salt 2. 2 kilograms, edible vinegar 1. 37 kilograms, lilac 0. 1 kilogram, cassia bark 0. 125 kilograms, bay leaf 0. 1 kilogram, black peppery 0. 05 kilograms, bai Hu any of several hot spice plants 0. 1 kilogram, water makes an appointment with 90 kilograms.
Add above spice water first, after boiling 30 ~ 40 minutes, filter, join candy, salt next, made deliquescent boil, add edible vinegar and boiling water finally, adjust soup juice gross to reserve for 100 kilograms.
7. Call reshipment coal tub. 500 model vitreous bottle, solid form content occupies suttle 50 % , load coal tub respectively by chili size, quantity of every canister fill is pulp 250 grams, soup juice 250 grams, suttle 500 grams, coal tub upside should maintain certain space.
8. Exhaust and sealed. Take the advantage of hot exhaust, the temperature that boost morale is 85 ~ 95 ℃ , time 8 ~ 10 minutes, temperature of the center inside coal tub is 75 ~ 85 ℃ . Seal coal tub with vacuum tin seamer (vacuum spends 533 ~ ) of 60 1000 handkerchief.
9. Antiseptic reach refrigeration. Sealed hind should 100 ℃ boiling water maintains rapid park 30 minutes antiseptic, again section refrigeration comes 37 ℃ are the following, wipe the drip outside coal tub, put in storage.
2, bloat young any of several hot spice plants
1. Raw material choice. Choose ovine part young any of several hot spice plants, in blueness ripe period collect close, fruit of cleared disease, bug, mildew and rot reachs the impurity such as branches and leaves, with clear water dip the 1 drop after the hour is abluent works, cleared sepal and fruit handle reserve.
2. Tie hole. In any of several hot spice plants fruit radical ministry plunges into 2-3 with bamboo autograph aperture, flesh of penetrable any of several hot spice plants is diaphragmatic, enter in order to make salt, (Plunge into Kong Hai to be able to defend a product soft sodden) .
3. Salt bloats. Specific operation method is as follows (the 25 % ) that occupies any of several hot spice plants to weigh with saline quantity: Put a chili to spill a salt (upside is some more, bottom appropriate is less) , and by the cold boiled water that goes up to irrigate 5 % downward with benefit at changing salt, the requirement poured a crock that day, pour a crock 2 times everyday later, the 1 instead after week pours a crock 1 times everyday, hold to a month so, stop a crock namely. Be pinned with big brick and seal a top with salt a month, to bloat fully till.
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