Flay is amber chili processing technique
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5. Pack with be able to bear or endure film of the evaporate model that boil is packed, vacuumize. Every bags of 50 grams, it is 2 chili normally.

6. In disinfecting the water that throws bagging chili 80 ℃ , after dip boils 20 minutes, take out, wipe the moisture on model bag cover, and let it have its swing is dry. The temperature when dip boils disinfection cannot exorbitant, time also cannot grow too, can affect the brittleness of chili otherwise.

7. The heat preservation of amber chili buy that qualitative check has machined deposits 7 days in the room, chase bag of examination again, every bag is smooth stick, did not bilge the person that enrage is eligible product namely. Below normal circumstance, the expiration period is in 8 months above

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