The treatment of chili pickle makes a technology
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(one) technological process
The preparative → of pickle altar makes → ferment into altar bubble acidification → finished product
Raw material choice and processing → make → ferment into altar bubble acidification → finished product
Make up pickle brine → to make → ferment into altar bubble acidification → finished product
(2) technical point
The preparation of 1. pickle altar: Wash pickle jar rinse clean, replete boiling water, antiseptic 10 minutes, accuse to work, reserve.
2. raw material chooses: Choice flesh qualitative fleshy, placental the good, eat by moth that do not have bug, chili that does not have scar is small, hardness raw material.
3. material handling: Rinse the chili that has chosen 3 times ~ 4 times with clear water, abluent silt and impurity, accuse to do exterior moisture.
4.Make up brine: Choose hardness to make up solution in the well water of above of 16 ° H and mineral water.
Add segment or section of 8% salt of 6% ~ , 2.5% liquor, 2.5% yellow rice or millet wine, 3% white sugar, 1% dry Jiang Pian, 1% garlic again by water. And other flavor if 0.1% anise, 0.1% Chinese prickly ash, 0.1% licorice, caoguo, orange peel had wrapped with gauze, reserve.
5. makes into altar bubble: Good processing raw material loads altar inside, want to be installed solidly, when loading half altar, that ready flavor Bao Fang enters world inside, continue to hold world next till mouth leaving world 6 centimeters of ~ 8 centimeters till. With bamboo piece card lives, brine wants to flood raw material adequately. Build good altar next, add in altar saliva chamfer note brine, form water heal.
6. ferments, acidification: pickle world park shady and cool place let it have its swing ferments. If indoor temperature is below the condition of 20 ℃ of 15 ℃ ~ , about 10 days of ~ can open altar 15 days to take feed.
7. finished product: High grade chili pickle should be clean sanitation, aroma full-bodied, quality of a material is ringing, contain salt 2% ~ 4% , contain acid 0.4% ~ 0.8% , maintain chili original color, acerbity, sweet, salty, hot dainty.