The treatment of chili chest and the technology that make
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(one) → of choice of technological process raw material cleans → to go → of section of → of flesh, seed protects lubricious sclerosis → heat irons → candy to make → drying → arrange, finished product of the → that pack.
(2) technical point
1. raw material chooses: Choose 89 maturity, without decay, without insect pest, big, flesh pledges the fresh green pepper with fleshy, small placenta is raw material.
2. cleans: With clear water abluent silt is reached sundry.
3. goes flesh, seed: Straight-cut two half, dig go flesh, seed, rinse clean.
4. section: Cut green pepper grow 3 centimeters, 2 centimeters wide of right-and-left rectangle piece.
5. protects lubricious sclerosis: With 0.5% oxyhydrogen the solution that dissolve calcium immerses 2 hours. Green pepper immerses in lye, make its chlorophyll is Xie Lu acerbity salt in the saponification below lye condition, secure chlorophyll thereby, in order to maintain green. And the place in green pepper is contained pectic as ionic as calcium reaction, acid of unripe achievement glue is calcic, and make green pepper sclerotic.
6. full: Undertake with clear water full drop works.
7. heat is very hot: green pepper piece iron in the sugar juice of devoted boil float 2 minutes.
8. candy makes: Use the treatment method that honey formulates, always use sugar volume and chili piece the quantity heavy.
9. drying: any of several hot spice plants piece from the fish out in sugar juice, drop does sugar juice of the surface, put carbonadoing dish on, send the drying in oven, roast temperature 60 ℃ of 55 ℃ ~ , carbonado come not to stick a hand till, water content is controlled in 20 ℃ .
10. packs: Volume of the body that press chest, full extent and colour and lustre are grading with nap, eligible loads the bag that pack in, use vacuum-packed.