Dehydration green chili is machined
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One, technological process: Choose makings → to clear → full → boils → of concentration of → of equilibrium moisture content to pack

2, operate a point

1, choose makings: Choice flesh qualitative fleshy, organization the fresh and full green chili with compact, little crude fibre.

2, clean: Purify fruit handle, with running water full, the organization of cleared and adherent silt, impurity, pesticide and microbial pollution.

3, segment: Will green chili segments a shape of certain size, Ding Zhuang or strip, so that moisture evaporates.

4, boil very hot: Those who boil sort of raw material of basis of very hot time is different and somewhat difference, with green chili slightly soft to spend, boil very hot excessive, nutrient loss is big, and answer water ability drops. The water in boiling hot process to should maintain pot is in boiling condition, boiler hind wants to flip through ceaselessly below, made sufficient be heated is even.

5, cooling: The macerate in after boiling the green chili that has ironed to give boiler, answering to put cold water instantly comes loose hot, ceaseless and irruptive new cold water, when Wen Yuchong of the water in waiting for a basin agrees basically into the temperature of water, vegetable fish out, the room can be entered after drop does moisture roast.

6, stoving: When stoving, the green pepper with boil hot air good equably booth is in carbonado dish in, put what having settinging beforehand to carbonado next frame on, temperature control is in 32-42 ℃ , make its dry, every other enters drying oven 30 minutes to check temperature, flip through ceaselessly at the same time carbonado dish of green chili in, make accelerate dry rate, discover temperature is undeserved should adjust firepower in time, pass 11-16 hour commonly, divide content to fall to when the water inside green chili body 20% when the left and right sides, but in green chili apparently even ground sprays the hill pear acid of 0.1% or bicarbonate natrium anticorrosive and mouldproof last agent, after gush is over, can close.

7, equilibrium moisture content: The big wood cabinet that puts the green chili of stoving tectonic rigor (box) in sealed of short duration puts 10 hours or so, the green chili water content that ability desiccate controls keeps even and consistent.

8, handpick: The broken bead in product of the eliminate that use a sieve, fragment and impurity, fall to choose a station next, choose except rejected product. The operation wants rapid, in case the product sucks tide and moisture to pick up. Rejected product needs to undertake answer carbonado.

9, pack: Pack with corrugated box commonly, box liner polybag is sealed, every 500 grams are one pouch, 50 kilograms are a packet big.