Acerbity chili is newest processing technique
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One, the tool that make:

Leaf of crock of old hot pickled mustard tuber, Zong or straw, small block, spoon, basin.

2, craft recipe:

It is a standard in order to machine acerbity chili of crock of one hot pickled mustard tuber, bright chili 10 kilograms, licorice 10 grams, Chinese prickly ash is 10 grams, candied 250 grams, salt 500 grams.

3, technological process:

1, leaf of crock of hot pickled mustard tuber, Zong or straw, small block rinse clean, air hind is stand-by.

2, carry the chili that go having bug eye or contains cankered aperture, cut superior bright chili next go be being washed clean after the handle, again sufficient air.

3, half crocks of cold water is entered inside crock of past hot pickled mustard tuber, join pleasant to delimit next, Chinese prickly ash, candied, salt, after sufficient agitate quiet place a few days.

4, bright chili can be joined when waiting for the water inside the crock to contain tart flavor slightly, in noticing to want all adj/LIT wide to enter water, cannot let chili show water meter side. After impaction chili, get on the lid with Zong leaf or straw, press with small block next above can.

5, after many days 10, chili is acerbity already after fish out will appear on the market or be packed, can sell. After fish out chili, can join bright chili afresh again, can machine circularly so, do not waste raw material.

4, note:

1, horn of chili, turnip, beans after be being washed clean, must sufficient air, cannot contain the least bit moisture to enter a crock absolutely, will affect the expiration period and product quality otherwise.

2, bright chili after be being put into the crock, want to extend the hand nonskedly into the crock to churn, if appear in crock mouth the bubble of a few white, want to be scooped up in time.