Processing technique of domestic chili dressing
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Chili taste is bitter, excitant strong, have very good appetizing cause appetitive function, it is a kind of vegetable that a lot of people like. chili make it various characteristic are fastfood, do not have local color one time more, the reader that have fun at mights as well try.

Bloat bright chili of red any of several hot spice plants 10 kilogram, salt 2 kilogram, white sugar 0. 5 kilogram, cooking wine 100 grams. chili abluent, scoop quickly after 5 seconds are ironed in boiling water, drop does water, cool hind in pouring a basin, join salt, candy, mix divide evenly, the crock is installed after 24 hours, drench cooking wine, sealed 2 months are become namely.

Chili of chili of the five spices 10 kilogram, salt pink of 1 kilogram, the five spices 100 grams. chili abluent, bask in come to work partly, after adding afore-mentioned condiment, mix divide evenly, outfit crock is sealed, after 15 days can edible.

Pimiento pickle pimiento is 10 kilogram, cool boiled water 4 kilogram, salt 3 kilogram. pimiento abluent air, sign dazzling with needle or bamboo, in altar falling after becoming salt and water agitate salt solution next. Enter the pimiento that bound a key point world sealed become namely after 15 days.

Chili sauce bright chili 10 kilogram, salt 2 kilogram, anise 50 grams, Chinese prickly ash 30 overcome and pulverize end. chili smash after abluent air, join salt and condiment pink mixes crock of divide evenly outfit is sealed, become namely after 1 week.

Soy chili salty chili 10 kilogram, soy 4 kilogram. In the crock already will be being loaded after the salty chili drop with good souse does water, after joining soy sealed, flip through 1 times after 2 days, the crock falls 1 times again after 3 days, become namely after 1 week.