Sauce of pepper of the five spices manufactures a technology
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Colour and lustre of sauce of pepper of the five spices is bright red, the organization is exquisite, xian Tian is appropriate, delicacy is hot goluptious, have full-bodied the five spices, sauce sweet mixture gust. Its operate a point to be as follows:

(1) raw material deserves to compare: Chili 100 kilogram, salt 15 kilogram, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour 30 kilogram, bai Sha candy 500 grams, anise 60 grams, small fennel 60 grams, chinese prickly ash 60 grams, cassia bark 40 grams, dried tangerine or orange peel 30 grams, acetic acid 10 grams, saccharin 8 grams, cool boiled water 300 grams.

(2) machines equipment: Crock of dry wet amphibious disintegrator, big porcelain, plastic mix bowl.

(3) machines a process: chili 100 kilogram wash clean air with clear water, expect with the five spices 14 kilogram of 250 grams, salt, smash together in proportion crock. Bai Sha candy 10 grams of 8 grams of 500 grams, saccharin, acetic acid dissolve with 300 Ke Liang boiled water, mix with a sweet sauce made of fermented flour after closing, expect into chili along with all the others inside the crock, agitate mixes even, enclothe with the 1 kilogram salt that stay go up in makings face, the mouth that seal a crock ferments. 25 ℃ control air temperature, ferment 10 days are become namely commonly.