How does air bask in any of several hot spice plants pointing to a day
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One, comfortable period results. Fructification adopts the standard that control. Requirement fructification turns into entirely cardinal, be in China north area, come in Cold Dew commonly harvest during Frost's descent, if use small push without using one's hands,ground film is enclothed help advance somebody's career can close early appropriately, if cultivate later, harvest can be deferred slightly, but must harvest before Frost's descent comes end. Otherwise, get after frost, chili dry goods is chromatic not all, reduce product quality. Wang Tianjiao's results uses pull up seedlings to harvest commonly or cut fry to harvest. Should make the same score chili fry after results put in the air in the ground to bask in 3—4 day, the process is basked in in air in if encounter rainfall, should again air basks in 1—2 day ability to carry.

2, air basks in a method. Air of any of several hot spice plants visitting a day basks in minute of whole fry air is basked in and air of fruit of any of several hot spice plants basks in two phase to undertake, rectifying fry air to bask in is to show an air basks in a chili fry and chili, make chili water content by results when 50% the left and right sides reduces 18—20% , bask in in air cannot become moldy in the process degenerative, fade or broken. The advantage that whole fry air basks in is, handle of the bine of chili fructification and plant, branch, any of several hot spice plants still is together repeatedly, and the corneous film that handle of the bine of chili, branch, any of several hot spice plants does not have chili fructification surface, the moisture in such chili fructification can guide through be defeated the organization sends out to chili plant, accordingly, accelerated the dehydration rate of chili fructification. Additional, the quantity of heat that still can prevent the breath that direct accumulation air basks in fruit of any of several hot spice plants to often happen to arise sends out not easily, cause the consequence that mildew of fruit of any of several hot spice plants becomes nigrescent. Specific air basks in a method to be able to use the air that hang fry to bask in a law, use building and courtyard wall namely, toggle iron wire or rope, also can pull iron wire or string between large tree and stake, chili left and right sides of every 10 individual plant is in base the ministry is good with stringy bundle up, build on iron wire or cord air is basked in, air basks in a dot to want to choose to leave highway further, prevent the pollution of dust and waste gas, ordinary air basks in 15—25 day can, when shaking chili fry with the hand, can hear chili child the sound that strikes chili wall, should end whole fry air to bask in, those who press travelling merchant buy a requirement to pick any of several hot spice plants in time, enter air of fruit of any of several hot spice plants to bask in level. Will pluck the fruit of any of several hot spice plants that come down is put in time in the air on reed mat, tarpaulin, avirulent plastic film to bask in, the ply that booth puts chili is unfavorable more than 10 centimeters, air is basked in want to churn with wooden club everyday in the process 4—5 second (every two hours) , want caboodle to form a pile towards evening, on the lid plastic cloth, preventing dew. Such air bask in 5—7 day to be able to achieve a requirement, fall in dried fruit water content 12% when, stop air to bask in instantly, otherwise, too dry packing, car of scale, outfit and when carrying, meet broken, affect commodity value.
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