How quick-freeze green pepper
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One, maturity of option of raw material option is appropriate, apex is fresh and tender, form of pulp fleshy, fruit consistent, size is even, the fresh green pepper that does not have eat by moth of cankered, bug, ill spot and injury or chili leaf regard quick-freeze as raw material. 2, segment the abluent silt impurity in immersing to pour green pepper or chili leaf clear water, and purify handle the base of a fruit and flesh seed. Next green pepper straight-cut into silk, wide as identical as pulp ply, reoccupy clear water is rinsed, after drop works instantly immerge immerses 15 minutes in the salt water of 0.1% , become angry in case. 3, iron the green pepper silk after bleaching refrigeration to will immerse or chili leaf park the fish out after floating 1 minute is ironed in the solution of natrium of sulphurous acid hydrogen of the 0.2-0.3% of 100 ℃ , at the refrigeration in water of going from place to place, wait for cool after appearing again fish out, drop does exterior moisture content. 4, quick-freeze cold storage is in green pepper silk or chili leaf tile freeze dish on, put fast aspic to written guarantee be frozen quickly inside machine, in - 6 ~ are frozen 7 minutes under 35 ℃ , amount to when product center temperature - after 15 ℃ , can say to weigh, classification, pack.