How to machine characteristic green pepper
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1. The green chili with big thick flesh of body of after autumn of choice of bubble green pepper 100 kilogram, requirement the base of a fruit complete, without injury of damaged, bug, after collecting, seasonable bubble is made. It is chili first in 5% clear brine abluent. Drop does water share, getting close to again the base of a fruit be in the autograph that use bamboo to prick 3 ~ 4 alveolus, the purpose is to make salt solution can quick inside immerge chili, maintain the flesh to pledge not bad, load pickle crock next in. Replete hind, add the 20% salt solution that clarified, 1 ~ changes bubble after 2 days another empty crocks, change crock of 6 ~ 7 times in all, finished product is become namely after 15 days. Its exterior demand is bright red, clear hard not corrupt, manufacture rate for 100% . 2. Bloat to green pepper chooses small green chili and cut off handle of its any of several hot spice plants, 4 ~ are plunged into in office of power of any of several hot spice plants 5 aperture, can make saline waterlogging is entered. Increase the proportion of 15 kilogram salt by green pepper of every 50 kilogram, put chili the jar that washs clean beforehand in, install a chili, spill a salt, bloat full hind the brine that along inward infuse along the crock 15 kilogram Baume degrees is 80Be. From rise to pour a crock 2 times everyday the following day, raise of the brine in a vat wanting when pouring a crock is heated up with coming loose, can make saline bead dissolve, the crock falls everyday after 5 days. The chili after bloating 15 days becomes green finished product, seal crock keep in storage immediately.
3. Green pepper dry separation uses the green chili of fleshy, every cut 4 only, go seed. Heat the pure buck of 5% 90 ~ 100 ℃ , put green chili in the drying after 3 ~ immersing 4 minutes inside water or insolation. Chili doing shows the blueness that such become making virescent, maintained certain delicacy to spend. In Wenshui is being put when edible, immerse a few hours to be able to become original state, lubricious beauty is goluptious. 4. Sweet chili chooses bigger tender green pepper, iron inside boiler of buy boiled water ripe, drop does moisture, with the needle vertical on chili equalize cut, go seed, with the flavor fuse that has matched crowded chili, hold cut both sides approach to come next, insolation, can store up edible. Flavor fuse demand is soft sweet fragile, mix with fresh bean curd commonly salt, or with the Chinese toon leaf of insolation levigation one portion, soya bean is mixed 2 times corn 7, soya bean, corn fries sweet levigation, tone is mixed with salt, gourmet powder right amount water can. Appear with deepfry when edible, make show palm yellow, glossy shines, fuse sweet fragile, do not have local color one time. 5. Clear sauce chili chooses a bit smaller green chili, cut off handle of any of several hot spice plants and 4 ~ are plunged into in office of power of any of several hot spice plants 5 aperture, in order to make saline waterlogging is entered. Increase the proportion of 13.5 kilogram salt by chili of every 50 kilogram, put chili beforehand in abluent crock, install a chili to spill a salt, bloat after full crock, edge crock edge is gone to 15 kilogram Baume degrees is li of infuse the brine of 180Be. From begin to pour a crock 2 times everyday the following day, when pouring a crock so that come loose,heat up briny raise and make salt dissolve. 1 week pours a crock everyday later, bloat 15 days the fish out after chili becomes green, drop goes brine, enter another clean air in the crock, use 3 class sauce with chili of every 50 kilogram the scale of 25 kilogram goes again marinade, press on clog, be soiled bubble becomes clear sauce chili 15 days namely. 6. Dehydration green pepper chooses fresh, surface the green pepper of qualitative massiness of smooth, flesh is put into clear water of going from place to place to immerse clean, defecate, cut green pepper, but cutting when should hold razor blade sharp, connect in case, cut a norms to be able to master by oneself. green pepper iron in devoted boiling water boil 2 ~ 3 minutes, take out drop to go moisture. Its purpose is to make the colour and lustre of raw material bright-coloured, the organization is soft, prevent brown to change. green pepper booth is carbonadoing dish in, statified on park wearing, in 60 ~ 70 ℃ condition falls dry make 4 ~ 5 hours. Should work taste water content to be less than 5% when, immigrant and indoor refrigeration. With double deck polybag is packed after defective goods of sorting of dry goods classics, purify. Its store up temperature should under 15 ℃ , easy oxidation is degenerative when temperature is high. 7. Quick-freeze green pepper chooses maturity appropriate, organization form of fleshy of fresh and tender, pulp, fruit consistent, size is even, without cankered, bug the fresh green pepper of eat by moth, ill spot, injury regards quick-freeze as raw material. Enter green pepper the abluent silt impurity in clear water, and purify handle the base of a fruit and flesh seed. Next its straight-cut into silk, wide as identical as pulp ply, reoccupy clear water is rinsed, after drop works instantly immerge in the salt water of 0.1% , become angry in case. The 0.2 ~ of 100 ℃ iron the park of green pepper silk after will immersing in the solution of natrium of sulphurous acid hydrogen of 0.3% the fish out after bleaching 1 ~ 3 minutes, at the refrigeration in water of going from place to place. Wait for cool the fish out after appearing, drop does exterior moisture content, be in tile of green pepper silk freeze dish on, put fast aspic to written guarantee be frozen quickly inside machine, in - 6 ~ are frozen 7 minutes under 35 ℃ , amount to when product center temperature - after 15 ℃ , can say to weigh, classification, pack (common standards every box 500 grams × 20 bags, suttle 10 kilogram) . Park refrigeratory is subsequently medium, cold storage temperature cannot exceed - 18 ℃ .
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