Make 7 flavour chili
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The craft of 7 flavour chili that make is simple, cost is low, market sale potential is great, suit villages and towns small-sized food factory or domestic production. Technological process: Raw material choice and processing → metage mix → heft to package → finished product. Operation method: 1. Raw material recipe (weight compares) : Chili pink 50% , garlic powder, sesame seed pink each 12% , pink of dried tangerine or orange peel 11% , silk of pink of Chinese prickly ash, groundnut pink, laver each 5% . 2. Raw material chooses to reach processing: ① chili. Anthology colour and lustre is good, coriaceous the delicacy with thick, thick piquancy is tasted, put what bottom has crack to bask in dish (usable and ligneous, norms with 100 centimeters long, 60 centimeters wide, 5 centimeters tall advisable) or booth is on reed mat insolation, or send drying oven, carbonado the drying inside ark (temperature 60 ℃ above) . Fine noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch is made after smashing, sealed reserve. ② garlic. Choose without the harm, fresh the head of garlic that does not have bud, abluent hind pare minute of valve, put into cold water to immerse 1 hour. Rub goes garlic skin, fish out, drop goes moisture, grind beating with beater or colloid (right amount cold water is added when beating) . Oar makings filters with roving cloth go broken bits. Garlic oar wants to lap in time with delaine, with artificial pressurization dehydrate (Yi Ke compresses with oil press or centrifugal departs dehydration) . Powder of will wet garlic spreads out instantly put in what the shop has mat cloth to bamboo is sifted or carbonado dish on, buy enters constant temperature the drying oven of 50 ℃ or carbonado inside ark 5 ~ 6 hours, the damp inside seasonable eduction drying oven. Take the advantage of heat uses all-purpose grinder or " scatter to the winds " type disintegrator makes powder, sealed reserve. ③ sesame seed, groundnut. Bake after cleared impurity fry. Seasonable wear is farinaceous, sealed reserve. ④ dried tangerine or orange peel. Pick fresh and high grade the skin of fruit, insolation or enter after drying oven is sufficient and dry, eliminate impurity, grind fine pink, sealed reserve. ⑤ Chinese prickly ash. Choose delicacy to taste, eliminate Chinese prickly ash child reach foreign matter, insolation or drying, grind fine pink, sealed reserve. ⑥ laver. Choose fresh dry article, eliminate is sundry reach silt, cut after knead extremely filament, sealed reserve. 3. Metage and mix: Afore-mentioned raw material mix even the finished product stuff that gets 7 flavour chili namely in proportion. With food polybag with 50 grams of every bags of 25 ~ , every box 100 ~ 200 bags sealed pack.

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