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The chili element in considering to show chili can restrain gastritis
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Reported on September 13 according to Korea media, a newest findings shows, the piquancy part that contains in chili " chili element " have restrain the effect of pylorus screw bacterium that causes a variety of gastric bowel diseases such as gastritis. This and at ordinary times people often says " chili can stimulate intestines and stomach, because this is right human body is harmful " rather. This research will be published to be in as a result international science magazine " pylorus screw bacterium " in October on print.

Support of Li Rong of professor of internal medicine of digestion of Xibailan hospital represented Korea new residential quarter yesterday, right the gastric cell of the person that affect pylorus screw bacterium injected element of all sorts of pH indicator chili, the result shows, the concentration of chili element is higher, the result that restrains inflammation is stronger. But expert explanation says, this research is to use what undertake in cell of the education in the lab, because this is not actual certainly,eat chili to be able to be opposite more the stomach is advantageous.