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Authentic Korea is hot fry New Year cake
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Authentic Korea is hot fry New Year cake

What should say above all is, new Year cake of this kind of Korea and Chinese New Year cake, even Japanese New Year cake is different, more than be appearance is different (everybody knows Korea New Year cake is round strip shape) , however the New Year cake that it is not glutinous the metric system at all, stick rice however, namely rice, be machined through forge and become. So the mouthfeel of the mouthfeel of Korea New Year cake and Chinese New Year cake is different, it won't very stick a tooth, although not as good as the fine cowardly of Chinese New Year cake, but stretch and very good, although long live to also won't rot, bite rise very Q, and very inhale smell.

Again for practice, above all New Year cake boil a little, it is good to be boiled, can use handgrip New Year cake directly next rip small.

It is then in iron bowl infuse 2 bowls of water (it is water only, need not oily) , this is the water quantity that fries a dish of New Year cake almost. Dig sauce of pepper of Korea of two big spoon, and Korea chili pink (the sort of thick chili noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that makes pickle namely) . Actually pink of this kind of chili is not particularly hot, but color is particularly red, very beautiful, eat hot degree to add according to you, hotter New Year cake is more delicious.

After water is boiled, put Xianggu mushroom, New Year cake to continue to boil. Put againSeafoodChipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen, did not put a few shrimp that oneself like, squid to wait a moment, perhaps do not put.

Close almost when working, put pickle again, and you like to eatVegetable, I put cucumber silk. Scatter salt, candy, fish sauce to flavor then.

When lane of final soup juice is stiff, enter the olive oil of one big spoon, fry mix even with respect to OK!