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Fragile blast bean curd 13 sweet chili
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Bean curd, bean curd doing, smoked bean curd all but


Edible oil, salt, 13 sweet, chili


1, bean curd is cut, boil in boiled water boiler, salt is put when boiling, 13 sweet, chili are boiled together. Next fish out passes in cold water, accuse clean moisture to reserve.

2, do fried dish boiler, put right amount oil, oily boiler heated up a bean curd the blast in putting bowl is made, see bean curd wholesale fizzled out fish out, a bit air, again scamper the 2nd, scamper comes golden crisp fish out can.

So smoked bean curd or bean curd work to be cut directly, scamper is made can, scamper is good a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt that put a drop can, also need answer blast 2 times.