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Chili tribe is held eat chili match to search Beijing hot king
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Reporter: Mom? Xu pretties

Photograph picture: Xuan

Wait for sow: Lens adds Sha to cough Xiang scar  high mountain  of part of the day of the Lei that shut  chews clump broadleaf plant come on say south Piao of offer of job of  of port boundless and indistinct whoop suck of cease of Tuo coerce reed goods Da makes an appointment with  of  of Yue Bao of He Se Piao to pull  brigade Niao hut breed Yue Bei Mu is wrung

[text] for this match, sponsor just return specially to visit countrywide each district, chose chili breed meticulously.

[the corresponding period] we selected the staff member finally the millet any of several hot spice plants of Yunnan, in fokelore, can hot dead an ox...

[text] many people in the life love to eat hot, but want white mouth to eat, do not add condiments, even to nibble slow pharynx, can average person does not can bear this. Then, hold Fang Xianlai a warm up contest, the purpose is the actual strength that sees authority.

[the corresponding period] everyone has two at a draught, must eat readily readily...

[the corresponding period] (musical scene has chili) hot... water

[interview] player 1

Still go, not be very hot...

Player 2

Previously is to mix in dish, eating raw still is first time

[text] so extraordinary experience, reckon many participator also did not want to try again, have actual strength nevertheless abundant borrowed this opportunity to find self-confidence however, the spot has 3 " ace " uncover Huang Bang, preparation challenges 50 chili directly!

[interview] the person that uncover a list of names posted up...

[text] the player that a list of names posted up uncovers before Jiashangzhi, altogether 10 generals, be seleted " cacique preliminary contest " . Players or voracious, or to nibble slow pharynx, that picture, true still unlike is to have chili! This player that comes from Henan used 3 minutes only, eat issued 50 chili, also have those who do not bear, automatic waive the right. Look at a player to have so much chili at a draught, unavoidable heart gives birth to the 999 doctors that let the spot prepare relieve a sick or injured person anxious.

[interview] (beforehand case) can drink vegetable oil namely, make dozen of a bit.

Such meetings injure gastric mucous membrane, even gastric perforation...

[text] look, eat hot although stimulate, but also want do according to one's abilities.