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Chili pickle
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[Raw material / condiment]

Fresh chili 1/2 of 1 jin of garlic jin Jiang Pian 5

(Water of cup of 1) salt 1/3 3 cups

(2) candy 2 big spoon bloat salty shrimp 2 big spoon

[The flow that make]

(The drop after will fresh chili, garlic is abluent does 1) water portion, with brine (dissolve of 1/3 cup salt at 1 cup of water) marinade after 2 days, drop brine the half again, rejoin after 2 cups of water, in earthen jar of a park.

(2) general flavoring (2) and Jiang Pian put the cold storage in earthen jar to bloat together be soiled 1 week of above, wait for tasty can edible, can save 10 days about.