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Jiang Huiyan is the sweetest hemp is hot nevertheless very hot
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I like to be in near the rented house in inn of one wife and children most eat hemp hot very hot.

The hemp of small shop is hot very hot, hemp must reach the designated position, hot enough firm, so sweet that combine my taste. See hemp hot very hot advocate expect, it is multifarious truly, do not have without place. Fly from the sky, run on the ground, swim in water hang to branch, grow in earth, have everything that one expects to find: Lotus root of stay of proceedings of egg of flesh of chicken, duck, beef, hotpot, quail, Xianggu mushroom, acupuncture needle, kelp, agaric, lotus... these advocate expect or cut piece or chop is agglomerate, cut, rip piece, wear in fine on fine bamboo autograph, classify ground is put in glacial ark, the client can choose according to taste freedom.

Boiler bottom has two kinds normally: Of hemp piquancy with 3 delicacy, and my loving most is hemp piquancy. The eye looks at his handpick material to roll in Gong Gong's boiler, with covet 3 feets describe me to had been been not at all. Plus the dish of red oily chili that matchs with face of face of refined salt, chili, Chinese prickly ash, gourmet powder, chopped green onion, sesame seed, really beautiful sweet also!

These dish no matter element of meat or fish is uniform one yuan, make petty gain really! Flower 100 multivariate, implicative wine water, can let 34 people eat delighted. Eat so that warm all over round chaffy dish in the winter complacently, summer is worn heat of glacial beer Qing Dynasty relieves inflammation or internal heat.

I and old boiling water are known in inn of this wife and children.

Laoshang's high stature, very marked, did not know that day how, we two groups of people are fought went up. Fight what -- , bottle hot!

We this table lets a boss add dishful chili oil, their that desk lets Laoshang the boss adds dishful bubble any of several hot spice plants. Firm of firm of glare of eye of two tables National People's Congress is small ground fills in in past mouth chili. "Boss, take dishful chili oil more again! Should ' show the weather is hot ' ! " Laoshang cries, saw me innocently again of purpose.

My show the whites of eyes, rinse of firm of the firm in the boiler that a beef since clip is red oil completely rinse, put chili oily dish to dip in, beef is risking hot vapour, hot iron again, suck of my general mouth suck, so hot that tongue pins and needles, face has a fever, auditive also smokily, pi of last cups of ice is irrigated go down, wow, very at ease! Laoshang looks at me agape by.

Later, we were together. The love reason of I and old soup from hemp hot chaffy dish, the gets along to love to eat like us extremely more taste of two people " hemp is hot " , who offends the other side to get angry to entertain guests eat hemp hot very hot. Every arrive on the weekend, we often play on a few brothers, round rolling the chaffy dish of red oil a charge, world-shaking, tearful eyes breathes out faintly repeatedly satisfy a craving. This kind of life is satisfied, in the city with bristly reinforcing steel bar, the chaffy dish that seething of gas of what specific heat there is is warmer Where is popular feeling?
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