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5100 litres of Mexico " Du Lange soup " achieve record of Ji Ni Sixin
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Dispatch occupied people net on July 16 Colombia " the times signs up for " report today, the caldron soup that city of Mexican Dulan dagger made a few days ago achieves 5100 litres, exceed Romania 5046 litres when city made Paxiliao in June 2006 record.

When commemorating Du Lange town founds 444 years, municipality and combination of a few entrepreneur created this miracle, made the biggest one boiler soup on current world, can drink for 25000 people. Local media says, shang Zaidu makes this boiler on Lanamasi's square, cost is 427 thousand than all alone (add up to 39500 dollars) . Share 30 chef to attend make, used many condiment, shang Li is put have cut set prescription paragraph lean beef, chili, tomato, mincing onion, garlic, deserve to have hoecake at the same time.

Bureau of city industrial and commercial tourism says, to make this boiler soup, 34 kilograms of 54 kilograms of 510 kilograms of 850 kilograms of the chili that used 180 kilograms of oil of 1800 kilograms of beef, 90 liter, evaporation, mincing tomato, onion, salt, 2600 premium, garlic.

The pays close attention to low income dweller family of the family that one part soup will abandon Du Lange town and place develops a system integratedly. This record already by American Dai Que of case human relations admits, he is a judge that the record organizes Jinisi. (be in charge of Yan Zhong)