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Chili: Cordial of delicate food female
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Content of C of vitamin of chili of every 100 grams is as high as 198 milligram, occupy vegetable first place. Vitamin B, carotene and the mineral content such as calcic, iron also richer. Medical expert thinks, chili can alleviate pectoral abdomen is cold painful, check dysenteric, kill the helminth inside curb stomach abdomen, control heart disease and coronary artery sclerosis; Return mucous membrane of can exciting oral cavity, cause gastric peristalsis, stimulative saliva is secreted, enhance appetite, promote digest.

Because its are had,piquancy is tasted antiseptic, anticorrosive, flavor, nutrition, drive is cold wait for a function, prevent disease for the mankind, treat a disease, positive effect arrived since evolution of improved gene, stimulative mankind. Accordingly, a bit chili is joined in your daily cookbook, have profit greatly to the health of the body.

Clever way of chili thin body

Chili, inviting the argument that the person cannot reject is: Combustion is adipose, system of model of cultivate one's morality!

The key with chili adipose combustion depends on chili alkaline, simply eats on 9 spoon, its exciting taste immediateness can be given out to cranial nerve " enough " question mark, bring about appetite to be decreased greatly. The another big effect with alkaline at the same time chili is system of the heat build-up inside exciting form, accelerate metabolism. Fast heat build-up system can promote airframe work efficiency, the machine that resembles rapid movement can consume fuel of many carbon hydrogen.

After eating feed piquancy, can use up be more than the calorie of 25% . And when hot when burning in the abdomen, drink on one cup of black tea that contains a lot ofcoffeine, the effect is more apparent. Chili still can accelerate the production inside body two kinds enzymatic, in the process with adipose combustion them can at the same time " persuade " adipose cell is uninstalled, prevent adipose excessive accumulation at the same time. This method reducing weight need not any dietary regulation keep sb company, because chili is alkaline exciting inside the production of Fei peptide and serum element, still can let you have feeling of a good intention at the same time.

In daily diet, if want big fast cheek and do not worry about a figure, how should do? You need the first to take hot course, this is to use up quantity of heat better next. If want to control appetite, criterion the food that ten million remembers protein is rich increases appetite easily, should put green and onion more in dish so. Do not use the condiment that has packed, because they are the substitute with alkaline chili, not effective. Finally, after had made a piquancy food Yingcheng puts 2 hours, chili is alkaline can warm up automatically.
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