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Eat the contraindication of chili
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Chili is taste of and rather than of tactile keenly feel actually. Because be used to, also it regards as one " flavour " . Chili is the delegate in piquancy, it is one kind induces appetite, add the ideal dressing of nutrient, get area of damp low valley the loving of people.

Flavor action: Add sweet add color, stimulate appetite.


Action: The nutrition of element of piquancy composition chili in chili is rich, can enhance appetite, be applied extensively in cook. Chili contains orchid amine of a variety of chili and sweet beauty, these alkaloid can stimulate oral cavity mucous membrane, stimulative saliva secretes the peristalsis that reach a stomach, be helpful for food digesting; Contain in chili more fight oxidation material, can prevent cancer etc chronic illness, be helpful for making respiratory tract expedite at the same time, cure catchs a cold. Absorb chili for a long time, can the ability of ageing of aggrandizement individual antagonism.

No-no: Cannot absorb in great quantities, can cause neurological loss otherwise, enteron ulcer, can cause cellular biochemistry even reaction is confused and evolve into tumor. In the meantime, suffer from esophagus phlogistic, throat is phlogistic, toothache, haemorrhoid, tuberculosis, hypertensive with eating less had better.

Phyletic: By piquancy degree cent is sweet taste, small hot, medium extremely hot, hot etc.