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Eat hot be a kind hard the yen that Buddhist monastic discipline drops
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"Be an upright person should honest and kind ah! " " mobile phone " in a classical actor's lines let a lot of people be familiar with the city with this hot hemp.

Every city has the number of every city. Go to Inner Mongolia, what drift in the city is the fragrance of hotpot; Go Sichuan, eye li it is

Plain dish differentiates according to traditional genre, have on the river is helped (in relief area of Chengdu, continous is a center) , side issueing a river (area of Chongqing, 10 thousand counties is a center) , the brook is helped (from guest of tribute, appropriate) wait for the view that is a delegate. The area is different, the gust characteristic of plain dish also somewhat difference. For example: Chengdu area taste is gentler, chongqing area is relatively powerful, and upright from guest of tribute, appropriate between both. Chongqing dish belongs to department of plain food food, have the characteristic with hemp hot sweet acid, blame with hemp hot attach most importance to, but be different from plain dish again on detail. The cook method of Chongqing dish is lard, fierce makings commonly (some dish are chili more than dish) , conflagration, caldron, big basin, exquisite kill now do now. What Chongqing vegetable takes is that candid flavour, need not talk in a roundabout way, hot delighted, hemp is gotten complete. Before Chongqing has not established a municipality directly under the Central Government, chongqing dish did not differentiate apparently with plain dish, until established a municipality directly under the Central Government, chongqing dish begins housekeep, the difference with the Chongqing word that often discusses like people and Sichuan imperceptible word is same, the knowledge of Chongqing dish gradually by the epicure of tongue acumen people be moved to mesa to discuss.

According to relevant report, food of spaceflight of Chinese spacefarer center and Chen Bin of nutrient lab director are introducing Chinese spacefarer " taste archives " when say: "Most person likes to take plain course in them. " no matter Chongqing dish is mixed,plain dish should differentiate in detail, in any city, the eating house below department of plain food food leaves vivid and dramatic. For the climate according to Beijing, the food with this kind of hot hemp does not suit northerner edible. But Peking Man still has a special liking to plain dish eating house, the hemp hot fragrance that market of a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles is entire street drifts is best proof. Someone says hot can promote intestines and stomach to digest, stomachic; Someone says hot can reduce weight; Someone says hot can offer human body must nutrition... more important is, eat hot be one kind hard the yen that Buddhist monastic discipline drops.

Hot energy has after all how old, had done such scientific test without the person. A friend takes hot metropolis bad gut every time, because too hot, intestines and stomach is overcome exciting. But next time she still can offer to eat first hot, smell the flavour saliva with hot hemp was taken away one pile. The friend says to eat labial pins and needles, tongue to lose drivel of feeling, tear to flow together, sweating, intestines and stomach has a fever... this has hot highest state namely. The highest state of Chongqing chaffy dish is big summer one table person round reeky chaffy dish, dipping in hot hot red oil has a meal. The weather is hotter, atmosphere is more powerful, that ability makes enjoy. The word that presses her says: Risk one's life needlessly eats hot, bright.
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