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Excessive edible chili also is met toxic
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Chili has Wen Zhong to come loose hot, the function that appetizing disappear feeds, it can be used as dressing already, can use as dish again, a lot of people like edible very much, especially southern.

But this kind of dish is unfavorable feed more, because chili laborious is hot poisonous, surfeit can make inside body wet from thermalization, expression is skin acne, blood pressure is elevatory, haemorrhoid is aggravating, nosebleed. If chili of long-term and many edible, can cause toxic performance, if gastral cavity is glowing feeling, abdominal distension, bellyacke, disgusting, vomiting, close dizzy, haematemesis, hematuria, nosebleeding blood, blood pressure lifts or drop even. Animal experiment confirms, the bases chili of chili is alkaline have certain effect to circulatory system, can cause brief sex blood pressure to drop, the heartbeat is decelerated reach breathing difficulty to wait. Accordingly, surfeit chili is careful toxic.