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Mexican draft fruit with respect to chili
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Mex loves to have chili is famous on alive bound. Be in Mexico, no matter be city or countryside, no matter be Everyman home or luxurious wine shop, on table little not chili.

Mex has chili variety 100. Flavor chili make it juice be eaten together with rice or bread is a kind of the commonnest method, local flavors this kind juice calls Saersa. No matter breakfast, lunch still is dinner, there is Saersa on table. Of Sa Ersa advocate although makings is chili, but differ as a result of burden, flavour and color are different. The commonnest is green and gules Saersa. Sa of green Sa Er adds make it of first class of caraway, green with green chili and a kind of green tomato. This kind of Saersa is hot in give a faint scent fully. Hot and not dry, refreshing, open person appetite. Gules Saersa adds the make it such as red tomato with chili, sweet hot completely, flavour is full-bodied.

Mo Lai is a Mexico is the famousest kind of bechamel that does dish to use. It adds the make it such as all sorts of chocolate, corn, nutlet, flavor with chili. It is to cook the flesh kind dish cannot a kind of little condiment, be like Mo Lai turkey, not beef cattle flesh. Mo Lai's color basically has sauce red and green two kinds. The flavour of sauce red is full-bodied, flavour faint scent of green. Be in Mexico, puaipula and Mo Cai of the made of baked clay bistate that breath out card are the famousest. The village of tower of Er of A of rice Er handkerchief of suburbs of capital Mexico city runs the Mo Lai red-letter day with royal dimensions every year, the Mo Cai that is on sale allegedly has more than 100 to plant.

Also Mex loves to eat chili most. The commonnest bubble chili uses green chili bubble. Some bubble chili also put a few carrot and vegetable of green first class, alternate with of green, white, orange, colour is gorgeous. A bubble chili has when repast, already appetizing, solve be bored with again. The Mcdonald's that the United States comes to, Kendeji even also must do in Rome as Rome does, chili of the bubble on the clip in hamburger sells, in order to cater to the taste with Mex hot be addicted to.

Be in Mexico, the simplest method that has chili works namely eat. This kind eats a law to come from a country allegedly. Farmer outdoors works, hungry, li of hold tight a few chili, wear hoecake, it is a meal. Now, this kind ate a law to also pass the old hotel in the city, it is a whole chili only abluent cut piece be put in beautiful small small plate to stop.

Allegedly Mexican ancient Maya breeds chili, alive bound is duped belong to the earliest, cause Spaish travels the world after elsewhere. Accordingly 500 years ago, spain inbreaks black a Spain when elder brother is repaired on the west see on the road, have in the cooked food that industry of nation of gram of A Ci spy eats a lot of hot kind and gentle the food that make. Langouste of frog of chili carbonado, green chili, chili, tomato is for instance hot turkey of what.
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