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Sea of contend for hegemony of hot king of section of travel of the 3rd cate cho
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(This net exercitation reporter Wang Yaping) well-known, plain person loves to eat hot also can eat hot. On January 30, the sea of hot king contend for hegemony of section of travel of the 3rd cate chooses Chengdu contest is in taste the world to open contest, players sufficient interest of the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches with the rapiddest rate will dish in 30 millet are hot swallow abdomen in. And among them one takes part in the match because the player attended 5 to have chili competition inside a day, bring about attendant doctor at once to sponsor just claim the termination of its to enter the court the influence of the match.

This comes on stage 5 times player inside a day by grin of the hot tooth that get give a talking-to

Reporter of Sichuan news network sees in the spot, as advocate judgment make fall, take part in the match players instantly do several jobs in the same time, drip with sweat the millet with will bright red ground is hot fill in to swallow abdomen into the mouth in turn in. Round of match comes down, players each by grin of the hot tooth that get give a talking-to. One already appearanced 5 times the player that take part in the match tells a reporter, "My present achievement is 55 seconds, I still am not very satisfactory such achievement. The player that because there had been 53 seconds today,completes the race, so I will play the game tomorrow even. " rest aside offer for the player inside the area temporarily Doctor Zhang that medical treatment assists at once to sponsor just put forward, "If his reintroduce enters the court,the match must persuade to stop, because below about a hundred millet eats inside a day hot too big to gastric harm. Because below about a hundred millet eats inside a day hot too big to gastric harm..

Disclose according to the organizing committee, this contest award is quite rich and generous. Among them first prize is sedan, second-class award is to carry computer, third class award is a mobile phone. Many citizens laugh at character to, award is very charming, just want to win award to be afraid the stomach that should let his was challenged unprecedentedly.

Also remind broad citizen attention to doctor of this health care, overmuch edible chili can stimulate gastric mucous membrane and cause acute gastritis. "Exorbitant is hot very big to body harm, because this citizen is in,take part in the match must do according to one's abilities " , doctor Zhang tells reporter way.