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Learn to do Korea pickle with Jin Xiuzhen
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Jin Xiuzhen is director of academy of Korea tradition culture, hold than this build more let her fame soar, it is popular teleplay " grow greatly today " palace food director. That is to say, those palace cate that give proud at hand length gold her research mixes out design.

In Korea, female people won't not do pickle almost. See mom do pickle as a child, jin Xiuzhen is wiped to this kind on the color of chili Gong Gong, arose close to the mood at infatuation. Then, when attending a college, she chose food technically to recuperate major, the system studies Korea food culture.

Korea pickle is one kind is main raw material with vegetable, all sorts of fruits, seafood reachs what fleshy makings is burden to ferment food. It not only delicious, tastily, acid is hot in have a kind of aftertaste additionally, and have rich nutrition.

The means that Jin Xiuzhen becomes pickle is: Be soiled bloats in the vegetable park brine that will washed first, require 4 hours, make the moisture in vegetable oozy, make salinity infiltration acquires saline taste, this also is to use anticorrosive function of salt, restrain harmful bacteria breed, maintain vegetable quality. Wait for the fish out after its are loose, catharsis of reoccupy clear water, via a many the hour accuses to do water. Cut the turnip into fine, green also cuts strip, put in the basin, again ordinal put into end of white sugar, refined salt, sesame seed, chili, mashed garlic, fish sauce, agitate becomes slimy shape condiment, even ground is wiped go up in vegetable leaf, an one layer daub, install next in jar, edible can be taken out after passing a few days. How much be put in the time that be soiled bloats in brine and condiment and do not have regulation and scale, master completely by oneself taste and hobby.

In addition, jin Xiuzhen Korea palace cakes and sweetmeats make, also research and development is distinctive course. For instance, make " 5 kinds of beautiful type " mug-up, use Hei Ren namely child pink, preserved egg pink, beans pink, amylaceous wait and become dough, embed it is in board of cakes and sweetmeats, tool set and into, resemble extremely the method that Chinese tradition makes moon cake.

[after feeding, get]

A pickle an affection, jin Xiuzhen opens the dietary culture academy that went out to have distinguishing feature alone for Korea youth and domestic and international tourist. Want to speak of culture of Korea tradition food only, she dashs along, very familiar with sth. Make method and process to it from the history of traditional food, nutrition, all design forthright is interestingly, the people of your study is in vivid circumstances, know the history, master skill, savour amorous feelings. The person that Jin Xiuzhen is worthy of be the inheritance of culture of food of tradition of nation of a Korea.