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Of Hunan person eat hot consuetudinary
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Acquaintance entertains guests, or the friend dines together, man Xijia food, there are 9 dishes to be done extremely hotly innocently of purpose among. Had said in capacity audience population, the chopstick arrived on that dish be like like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply however, skim over. But see on the side one person is not verbal, a pair of chopsticks in the hand are only on that dish get on next turning over to fly, eat be flushed, sip sound one. Ask, this person pretty close is Sichuan person or Hunan person. Person of this two place is other do not say to be talked eat hot, other respectful of all without exception of each province person like that.

Take in home town Hunan, ordinary other people does Shang Ye to put copper cash thick bright red hot oil, how does other course can be imagined. Sound of boiler spoon collision together, flavour of choke person chili from kitchen trail, wait for meal to do finish, piquancy blots out the sky and cover up the earth, whole house sent tear bomb together general, but everybody is with this however happy. Chili is like sunshine air, it is the indispensable element in local life. Jest says, home town children is outer be a soldier, the peace when fighting can toss a rifle, chili canister will never let go. Local is fond of not merely eat hot, yi Shan a variety of making fry a law. Or whole chili is the same as ginger garlic marinade; Or chop becomes fine mud, add fabaceous Chi, put garlic piece; Or come at exploding on fire brown, mix after pound on balm of bean curd sesame seed. The strangest is summer chooses the flesh thick a big green pepper, burning sun issues insolate, turn into to color white, be called white chili, be fried together with the flesh and eat, flavour does mushroom together. Have a way with same chili all kinds of strange things.

North goes going to school first, classics day does not see chili, with respect to tea meal not sweet, feel restless. Regret to did not listen to parents to persuade painstakingly at the outset, stay in home town to go to school, undivided attention should be off to distant parts only. The capital is again flourishing, the school is again good, cannot come when hot pepper after all go with rice. The chance that takes hot satisfy a craving in Beijing is really rare, day one long, burning heart is then cold also come down. That knowing and doing arrives water is poor, sit see the cloud, come to the United States, discover this is the heaven of hot person of be addicted to formerly. Head bout goes to China inn, the eye sees frame on various chili goods, no less than Columbus discover that rapture in those days the New World-the Americas, have a fish really get water, bird puts in Lin Zhi 's charge to feel. A cooling abdomen bowel, gradually hot rise. Whenever dine together banquet, be addicted to is hot this photograph appears in all, kill in banquet piece, ability presses 4. Go to Chinese meal house every time, always should denounce again outside especially hot food on dishful thick chili sauce, wine flesh is not otherwise sweet. Once boss of happen to inn is Changsha person, see me that kind of be addicted to is hot, light up with pleasure, what carry a dishful to be enjoyed for oneself only hastily is especially hot " chop chili " , have the meaning of some of heroic cherish hero very much.
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