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Xu Juyun " Hunan dish gives Hunan " head of fish of chop any of several hot spic
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The root of head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants is to plunge into actually in Hunan in the fertile soil of this an abundant place.

1984, contest of cooking of the first whole nation, hunan player is completely annihilated, sha feather and return, the cooking home that this stimulated Hunan severely and epicure people. On the contest of cooking of the 2nd whole nation that Beijing held 1988, xu Juyun of 40 years old shifts to an earlier date 15 minutes than providing time, finished " double flavour too extremely tenderloin silk " wait for 4 dish, carry off for Hunan delegacy one gold two silver one copper 4 medal, by be after beginning reforming and opening, the road that the rise of Hunan dish revitalizes. Xu Juyun besides rolling out type of hundreds innovation dish, still accuse an unexpected winner alone, the type of two big traditional vegetable of the jade Lou Dong that chants Shi Zhongyin " abdomen of bubble of chicken broth of hemp hot young " disentomb improve, people loves made recovery. While cate is carried out, he still edits published cookbook of dish of of all kinds Hunan. The reporter once was in its read dish of variegated carp head to basically have in Hunan dish in a cookbook of the chief editor before 2002 " steam " , " fold meat chopped into small pieces " wait for number to taste traditional dish type.

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