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Chili element can increase skin flexibility to reduce wrinkle
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Japan considers to show, the acrimony composition in chili " chili element " the daub after dilute arrives on skin, what can increase skin is stretch, reduce wrinkle.

According to Japan " read sell news " report of 5 days of late print, city of name ancient house establishs college researcher discovery, ache and glowing sensory nerve are felt in stimulating the skin with chili element, sensory nerve ending can secrete a protein " fall calcic element gene is relevant peptide " . "Fall calcic element gene is relevant peptide " inside stimulative body " insulin appearance grows factor - 1 " increase, and latter has your cell to provide the active, function that prevents skin ageing more.

Researcher goes to the daub of the frost that protect skin that contains 0.01% chili element on experimental rat skin, observe inside experimental mouse system " insulin appearance grows factor - 1 " increase somewhat. They let 17 healthy women use afore-mentioned frost that protect skin to maintain everyday again facial skin, use continuously one week later, these females' facial and flabby skin take up, furrow also decreases somewhat.

According to the report, researcher is developing the cosmetic that contains chili element jointly with pharmacy company at present, predict to be able to roll out relevant product namely 2007.