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Chili fries smoke flesh
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Love a person to have to love his defect, can I do not say this notion, it is that is sung " there is a fire in in the winter " Fei Xiang handsome young man says. The average person sense to another person, just often animal farm to be performed at his public, namely be confined to is right the impressions of his social attribute, have the closest person only, ability development experiences every detail in the life jointly, the dismay when the mood is low, the noise of gives out not self-consciously part of speech when sleeping, perhaps chew when excitement when food not so cultured attitude... civil / graph Chen Li

The flesh kind classics airing and a kind of sweet grass to make and become smoke flesh, it is for easy and the pattern of a kind of processing that maintains content of suffer form indigestion, be in China to say is to be bacon, say in the foreign country to earth up a root, wind aing kind of sweet grass processing technique very much the same, because the place when souse is used,be gust only bloat to expect and a kind of sweet grass the lumber that makes place use and differ somewhat, or it is a pine forest sweet, or walnut flavour.

Those who be like same individual is inveterate and same, it is long-term through special environment since bring up and become, smoke flesh as kind of sweet grass because of its distinctive smoke flavour and it is the person that love scramble for sth, to its stay at a respectful distance from sb also have. A person has because of its special individual character characteristic not at someone else. Alien Xiao Taguang's rare appearance, and only you just know him those unbeknown small characteristics, perhaps accordingly, just be you follow the tie that correlation establishs between him, only you just share him most the space with close illicit.

Smoke flesh is joker food, do advocate makings or costar, all respective and wonderful because of the flavour of its individual character, chop can be aspersed in into broken bead batch over Sa, cut filament to be able to expect when the stuffing of thin pancake, the simplest is the greens when section is fried, have Sichuan local color most should be to use chili to fry, of course premise is the stimulation that gastric classics cans bear piquancy.

Manage together, the life is honest, to his defect, the ground of the defects cannot obscure the virtues that perhaps inspects is admired, wait and the study of take second place is accepted, or else is amended with respect to what apply your glamour enjoin like that, be no good really abandon only, doesn't the world where have fragrant grass?

Be like the person that do not be fond of smoke flesh, replace to also do not have flavor one time to be in with sausage mind.

Chili fries smoke flesh make: One, those who choose is plain flavour bacon, besides smoke flavour aing kind of sweet grass, have full-bodied Chinese prickly ash sweet.
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