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Dietotherapy health care: The expert talks about chili
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The chili of our country, have more than 160 variety, piquancy has have gently heavy. Piquancy abounded the food of people to give birth to a word, but a lot of people do not know however, ying Shen has chili many people.

Nutrition is analysed

The vitamin C content of chili is higher than most vegetable. The amount of P of vitamin of the carotene that it contains, B a group of things with common features, vitamin and mineral Potassium, iron, zinc is more substantial also.

Dietotherapy health care

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, chili flavour laborious, the gender is heated up greatly, have Wen Zhongjian stomach, appetitive, medicinal powder cold dehumidify, open gloomy to go the effect such as phlegmy, Wen Jingtong sth resembling a net.

Chili can increase gastric bowel peristalsis, stomachic, be helpful for digesting. Chili can stimulate a heart, accelerate a heartbeat, stimulative blood circulates, can rise to resist temporarily chill and dampproof effect. The piquancy of chili can be life-giving, have the effect that combats exhaustion, can make a person be inspired with enthusiasm, the mood is rising. Long-term and right amount have chili, can improve hemal function, add hemal flexibility, reduce thrombosis, reduce arterial blood-vessel to produce sclerotic opportunity, conduce to then prevent accuse cardiovascular disease to suffer from.

Chili has the effect that fight cancer, right amount have chili, can restrain the growth of malignant tumor cell, can reduce the incidence of a disease of cancer of the stomach especially. But also the data says, have chili in great quantities, it is an ingredient that makes colonic cancer happen.

Chili can be C of person complement vitamin, can prevent gum haemorrhage thereby, enhance power of epidemic disease of human body hare, defer consenescence.

Feed law allowance

Green pepper is a mutation of chili, be inspected vegetable. Some green pepper are sweet and not hot, but alone or as tie-in as other edibles fry eat, if green pepper fries potato, green pepper,fry cutlet. Fry urgent fire of green pepper appropriate fast, do not use sauce, with soy, green pepper colour and lustre pales, still lost faint scent taste. Green pepper also but cold and dressed with sause and dip in sauce is eaten raw. Eat chili raw, among them vitamin C is not destroyed, can sufficient humanness is absorbed and use.

Sweet clew

The chili that chili contains is alkaline land wait for acrimony component, impersonal person all appropriate, the person that has gastritis, gastric ulcer is unfavorable have chili, the department can stimulate enteron as a result of chili, increase peristalsis, make mucous membrane hyperaemia, oedema, can make an illness aggravating.

The person that has hypertensive disease, coronary heart disease and armour excessive patient, because chili makes the heartbeat is accelerated, blood pressure is elevatory, circular blood quantity increases, the likelihood causes serious consequence, reason is unfavorable have chili in great quantities. Have the person of constipation and haemorrhoid, ying Shen has chili, because chili can make defecate more dry, can aggravating constipation and cause haemorrhoid haemorrhage. Nephrosis patient is unfavorable have chili more, because of its acrimony composition passes a kidney to excrete, to kidney essence cell generation spurs action, can damage nephritic function.
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