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The Jiangxi that does not become dish without chili preciouses jade in
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Some time ago, with a few " be addicted to is hot " Shanghai friend photograph is invited go Jiangxi Jingdezhen travels. Be in early before we arrive, of place accompany Xiaosong to show consideration for chef of ground keep an eye on, in dish put chili less. Of unexpected is, guests actually none feel grateful, oppugn repeatedly: "This dish how not hot? " kill so that the whisper makes continuously in Xiaosong heart: Shanghai person also eats so hot... then, the following day midday, recommending of Xiaosong to the utmost below, I

One desk dish red

Precious jade the Mei Ling in goes vacationing village, be tourist guide small the Song Dynasty is recommended sample the place of farmhouse dish, a cabin that depend on hill and builds has some of primitive local color very much. Not far from cabin, through a Shi Qiao, can see an ordinary second floor room, it is dining-room namely. Everybody sits after deciding, clerk of designed keep an eye on, native puts how many chili, we put how many chili, each alleges oneself " do not be afraid of hot, be afraid of not hot " , aside Xiaosong smile speaks: "Be at ease! You allow the master worker here he does not put chili, be afraid he still does not know how to should burn dish Lie! "

When waiting for serving patiently, look around all around, see be being hanged on the wall only long chief garlic a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by an opponent, string together the chili that string together, give the Jiangxi piquancy with one great share fully. The floret dog that master home raises is shaking in doorway agitato tail, look at us far, seem to also waiting " serve a meal " like.

Wild Jerusalem artichoke

Chili quantity: Price of ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★ : 16 yuan

Wild Jerusalem artichoke is to precious jade the characteristic dish in, in every case has a meal to farmhouse, local National People's Congress can recommend this potherb have a taste of what is just in season to you. Purple wild Jerusalem artichoke looks suddenly like onion, scrutiny resembles leaf, taste gustation to, what there was not onion is pungent, pour the flavour of leaf of a bit red cuckoo, small microstrip is acerbity, acerbity and not acerbity, what still placing trifling chili is acrimony. Add chili to the wild Jerusalem artichoke of one dish, an idiom appeared suddenly in the heart: Very beautiful flowers.

Pumpkin is beautiful

Chili quantity: Price of ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★ : 10 yuan

Country goes all the way, not little admire the beauty of flowers -- as ear general lilac corn is spent, delicate bright yellow towel gourd is beautiful, adscititious this delicate " pumpkin is beautiful " . When this dish end comes up, see assemble in dish only red olivine 3 kinds of color, evil spirit it is to grab an eye, the raw material that friends guess it in succession -- " day lily? " " cress dish! " aside the service gives birth to this group to be overcome really probably " food crops is not divided " " oppidan " over cudgel one's brains for is guessed foolishly, hasten explanatory path: "This is pumpkin stalk and pumpkin flower! " everybody in chorus -- " oh! " not much chili silk was added in this pumpkin flower, very hot tasty, pumpkin stalk piquancy is weaker, the piquancy that pumpkin spends is very thick.
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