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Strange flavour is scientific: Of chili ambiguous
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Why can chili blossom hot? This is very special, have profit to itself?

"100 condition are irregular happy source " , it is very appropriate that this word of Luo Su falls with the diversity that will explain species. Animal plant no matter it is so developmental that it have many bizarre and eccentric, will tell from the heart, it is to live better.

Some him plants can transmit breed, or have the aid of is wind- driven, anyhow does not need an animal to mingle, their evolution gives a variety of form that let an animal detest: Odour is pungent, about is deformed, much thorn, poisonous even. Some plants do not think so, they hope oneself seed by herbivore " eat " drop, such, carry the activity of the animal, the seed is taken far and near, return incidentally obligation to fertilize. For this kind of purpose, these plant evolution give inviting fruit, goluptious, delicious, color is bright, resembling is to saying, eat me please. This is naked color is lured.

But, chili is a strange case, in treat be eaten on the problem, it is on the hedge, on one hand, its color is bright-coloured and bright, odour bright person, take off a pair of appearance that wants to be eaten alive, but on the other hand, after be being bitten, its mouthfeel is acrimony, resembling is the person that take food in the warning -- , to the animal this can not be happy experience (hot it is a kind of complex sense of pain, only the talent can like this kind of sense) .

This plants hot pepper desire the kidney that refus still receives ever made a biologist indissoluble very, do this play meaning the what abacus that hits after all?

Go up century 60 time, dan Johnson offers an interesting theory, cry " directional prevent " , think certain plant is OK and directional the choice is eaten off by some kind of animal, achieve oneself goal accurately thereby. Chili is this kind of serpentine fellow. Chili sends hot character to come from a kind of material that calls chili element, activationed when chili element when the chili white that nerve ending feels inside animal oral cavity accepts put oneself in another's position, cause an animal hot painful feeling. Interesting is, all mammal have chili element to accept put oneself in another's position, and avian do not have.

It seems that, chili is duteous ground thinks flattery is avian. 2001, fine jade errorring Kesibarui is in · on the west " natural " on published an article, tell about him to use test and verify this academic experiment. He feeds small rat and bird with two kinds of chili, a kind very hot, another kind is not hot mutation kind. Result, two kinds of animals ate off latter happily, and to former, how doesn't small rat also agree to eat, bird is to eat livelily however.

Fine jade the secret in this studies further on the west. He discovers, the bird is straight intestines, the seed passes the enteron of the bird, be excreted very quickly to come out, a such processes, can let a seed become suit to grow more; Contrary, chew and digest mammalianly repeatedly can make however progenitive force of the seed is reduced a lot of.
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