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Chili potherb mustard burns hairtail
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Raw material:

Hairtail 8, potherb mustard 50g, chili 2, garlic powder 1 spoon

Bloat makings:

Cooking wine 1 big spoon, salt, 1 small spoon


Cooking wine 1 big spoon, soy 1/2 big spoon, candy a few of cup of 1/2 of 1 small spoon, water, pepper


1, hairtail is abluent wipe with bloat makings bloat 10 minutes, potherb mustard chili is mincing reserve;

2, the oil below boiler burns heat to put hairtail decoct comes two sides is golden fish out;

3, boiler leaves bottom oil to issue garlic powder to fry sweet, issue potherb mustard chili to fry divide evenly again;

4, join flavoring hairtail to burn tasty, shang Zhishao closes dry can.