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Chili is prandial: 5 kinds of people are unfavorable eat more
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In the winter of weather chill, many people like to eat chili to fight cold. But traditional medicine thinks, chili although can drive is cold, stop dysentery, kill insect, enhance appetite, promote digest, but prandial on ought to pay attention to the five flavors (acerbity, suffering, pleasant, laborious, salty) harmonic, too favore piquancy, easy cause yin and yang of internal organs of the body maladjusted, generation disease.

Lobar gas fills piquancy to have the function such as gas of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, travel, invigorate the circulation of blood too, eat much make lobar gas is filled too easily, bad news hurts gas private parts, bring about immune force to reduce and meet with head cold, occurrence pharynx and larynx does two painful, Gong Chi, nasal cavity to carbonado hot, mouth works a tongue painful and sodden corners of the mouth, shed nosebleed, toothache to wait " suffer from excessive internal heat " symptom.

Surfeit of accentuation of damp and hot is acrimony the damp and hot inside easy aggravating body, expression is skin acne, blood pressure accentuation of elevatory, haemorrhoid and nosebleed.

Accordingly, the person that belong to the following circumstance should notice to decrease appropriately in winter especially hot:

1. Bodily form slants poor person. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, lath lath belongs to deficiency of yin with irritability and hot sex constitution more, constant expression is pharynx hyperaemia of ministry of suffering of dry, mouth, eye, top-heavy, be agitated is irritable. If surfeit is acrimony, can make afore-mentioned symptoms aggravating, cause haemorrhage, allergy and inflammation.

2. Armour excessive patient. Armour excessive patient often lies high excitement condition, excessive eats the excitant food such as chili to be able to accentuate symptom.

3. Nephritis patient is unfavorable edible chili. Study a proof, in process of human body metabolization, acrimony composition often wants to be excreted through the kidney, can produce the stimulative effect of different level to nephritic essence cell.

4. Disease of chronic stomach bowel, haemorrhoid, dermatitis, tuberculosis, chronic tracheitis reachs hypertensive patient.

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