New breed of chili of high grade disease-resistant -- any of several hot spice p
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"Any of several hot spice plants of another name for Guangdong Province " the chili generation that for Guangdong newest Yo becomes place of vegetable of courtyard of province farming division is crossbred. Compare via tasting, performance is outstanding. Its are main diagnostic character is as follows:

1. precocity. Its individual plant is 55 centimeters or so expensive, open latitude of emulsion 70 centimeters, unripe the way corp is growing is strong, in advance of otherer and groovy breed is collected close 5, 10 days, early days crop relatively contrast kind of increase production 30% above. From sow to collect close, spring establish makes an appointment with 100 days, qiu Zhi 80 days.

2. Disease resistance is good, can fight virus disease and green withered disease relatively.

3. Yield is high. Spring is cultivated average mu produce 1500, 2500 kilograms.

4. Quality is good, gains is big, show ox horn model, average sheet weighs 43 grams if really, the flesh is thick 3.8 centimeters, peel bottle green, fruit surface is slick, fruit beautiful, smell is sweet the band is small hot, suffer by consumer happy event.

Help advance somebody's career point:

1. Spring establish came in December immediately following in time to sowed year in January, qiu Zhi 7, sowed in August, every mus use kind of quantity to be 50 grams. Seedling stage 40, 60 days. Enclothe with film during microtherm prevent cold.

2. Notice a rotate, apply sufficient base fertilizer. Every mus apply become thoroughly decomposed organic fertilizer 6000, 7000 kilograms, compound fertilizer 60 kilograms, double travel of every farmland plant or 3, spacing in the rows 35 centimeters, row spacing 50 centimeters.

3. is inchoate weed loosen the soil, blossom and bear fruit period diligent top application, maintain soil wet, cheng Guo period 5, collect 7 days close.

4. notices epidemic disease of prevention and cure, mite kind with aphid.