Purple chili new breed----Violet cloud
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Help advance somebody's career technical point: In the Yangtse River downstream area, spring precocity helps advance somebody's career to come to all can sow in December from November, 1, in Feburary field planting. Every mus use kind of amount 20, 25 grams. Individual plant row spacing 38 centimeters of square; After autumn is delayed, help advance somebody's career 7, sowed grow seedlings in August, 7, land for growing field crops of the field planting when 8 true leaves, individual plant row spacing 40 centimeters of square. Use top application again, every mus of domestic animals barnyard manure that applies become thoroughly decomposed 3000 kilograms, ferment colza cake 100 kilograms, NPK is compound chemical fertilizer each 25 kilograms. Hang fruit period to use top application again, every batches of fruit sit firm hind should chase after fertilizer of face of blade in time 1 times.

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