Qiu Yan chili -- day arrogant 2
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Day arrogant 2 chili save development of institute of Nanjing starlight vegetable by Jiangsu, save crop formally 2001 through Jiangsu new breed is authorized, belong to type of big fruit, thick ox horn. Next fruit form difference on plant are little, sit to be led if really tall, general the corresponding period of one individual plant can hang 15 above big fruit, grow 18 ~ if really 19 centimeters, shoulder breadth 5 centimeters, fruit speech is little, the flesh is thick 0.4 ~ 0.5 centimeters, odd fruit weighs 100 grams of 80 ~ , and other places of classics Jiangsu, Anhui is many bits older plant experimentally, set an example, deeply welcome.

Comfortable period after sowing Qiu Yan of catchment of general the Yangtse River, help advance somebody's career in June the last ten-day of a month comes the middle ten days of a month sowed in July. Seedbed ground should choose soil loose and fecund, irrigation and drainage is good, stubble had not been planted before the Tian Kuai of eggplant fruit crop. Kind of 0.5 ~ are basked in 1 hour to sprout in order to promote before sowing, sow appropriate rare, ground of 1 mu of canopy uses general field planting 80 grams control chili seed.

After breeding Zhuang Miao emerge, should drop in temperature, prevent drench and insolate, the flourishing that prevent a young plant is long, close to its lamina adds stalk of thick, bine brawny, fight a gender in order to rise.

Early days accuses Miao Zao to sit before fruit field planting 2 days 1 times insecticide mixes gush antiseptic, before field planting 1 day is irrigated show water.
Water of result period heavy fertilization is divided outside applying sufficient base fertilizer, this breed is able to bear or endure fat, can increase fat water to need in order to offer Cheng Guo period. In whole bear period should have prevented to had worked wet.

Do good plant to adjust but the side branch under eliminate door any of several hot spice plants, weak individual plant should divide door any of several hot spice plants appropriately or be opposite bud of any of several hot spice plants, chu Lei hind picks invalid branch.

The seedling stage of chili of plant diseases and insect pests of prevention and cure of as soon as possible is main disease is damping off, precaution basically takes step accusing water, other have the place such as disease of epidemic disease, anthrax, virus disease, should notice to prevent and cure.

Timely in collecting midwifery to produce, answer as early as possible will medium bottom chili is collected close appear on the market, have the area that protects habit of the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn especially, appear on the market as early as possible after partial green pepper, plant can written guarantee more chili.