New breed of ox horn chili -- gigantic fruit one
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Gigantic fruit is plain any of several hot spice plants is planted finite liability company is handed in oneself with ovine part any of several hot spice plants is industry science and technology A114 is female parent, the generation of chili of big ox horn that tall generation is male parent to make up from C35 of the pimiento that join a department and becomes is crossbred, have high grade, high yield, disease-resistant, fight go against a gender to wait for good character by force, appropriate spring stubble, Yan Qiu stubble helps advance somebody's career, already set an example in and other places of Sichuan, Anhui, Shandong at present promotion, obtain consistent reputably.

Plant grows able-bodied, individual plant open business partly, individual plant is 58 centimeters expensive, open latitude of emulsion 58 centimeters. In early, the first flower is worn be born at 9-10 section, early days hangs fruit concentration, hang fruit ability continuously strong, form of fructification thick ox horn, green pepper green, old ripe fruit is vermeil, fruit surface is slick, fruit form is beautiful, small hot. 18-20 of fruit vertical diameter centimeter, horizontal diameter 5.8 centimeters, pulp is thick 0.5 centimeters, odd fruit weighs 120 grams. Fight go against a gender strong, adaptability is wide, fight disease of virus disease, epidemic disease, anthrax. General kilogram of mu of 5000-6000 of any of several hot spice plants yield delicacy.