Chili of excellent bumper crop is thoroughbred---Spring grind a B
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Precocity grows variety of generation of cross of pointed any of several hot spice plants, saved crop breed through Jiangxi 2004 authorized committee is authorized. (authorized number: Any of several hot spice plants of careful of another name for Jiangxi Province 2004004) . Tall 60-75 of this breed individual plant centimeter, open 55-60 of latitude of emulsion centimeter, fruit green, long 20-23 centimeter, odd fruit weighs 16-20 gram, flavour is strong hot, the flesh is thin, old ripe fruit is bright red, commodity sex is good, cold-resistant, be able to bear or endure drought, disease resistance is strong, fight virus disease especially, inchoate hang fruit is much, every mus of any of several hot spice plants yield delicacy is controlled 3500 kilograms, delicacy is fed, dry bask in treatment all but.