Chili new breed - - Nong Lei 23
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Diagnostic character: Nong Lei 23 chili are those who use chili afterbirth to pledge male sterility fastens Yo to become is medium breed of ripe generation cross. This breed is fed for delicacy, dry make reach adj/LIT wide to make treatment hold concurrently with model breed. Disease-resistant poison is ill, hold <> concurrently fight epidemic disease, sit fruit is much, every mus of any of several hot spice plants yield delicacy 2500 kilogram, produce kilogram of 200-300 of dry any of several hot spice plants. Fructification is form of thick wire any of several hot spice plants, tender fruit green, mature fruit is gules. Odd fruit weighs 10-14 gram, grow 13-16 if really centimeter, 1.2-1.5 of fructification horizontal diameter centimeter, flavour is hot, ground of comfortable Yu Lou helps advance somebody's career.

Help advance somebody's career point

1, grow seedlings: The last ten-day of a month protected ground grow seedlings in Feburary. 15-20 of seed soaking of 55-60 ℃ Wen Shui is used before sowing minute, meantime churns ceaselessly, 10% phosphoric acid are used after fish out 3 natrium seed soaking 20 minutes, clear bath 4-5 second, put hour of 8-10 of the seed soaking in the water under 30 ℃ again, after fish out a bit air can sow. Cultivate chili of every mus of ground to need bed of grow seedlings of 10 square metre, the seedling is apart from with 4 centimeters of × 4 centimeters advisable. With barnyard manure of become thoroughly decomposed 1, the rural earth of sift out 2, mix to make nutrient land equably, the shop is on seedbed. Sow that day, seedbed is irrigated show water, face of the bed after ooze is over spreads thin slight fine native, spray transplant of 2000 times fluid is clever (to water 20 kilogram spray every seedbed of 10 square metre) , sow next, sow end cover nutrient ground 1 centimeter thick.

2, soil preparation fertilizes: Every mus use kilogram of 6000-8000 of barnyard manure of become thoroughly decomposed or kilogram of 3000-4000 of dung of chicken of become thoroughly decomposed, compound fertilizer 50 kilogram, kilogram of potassium sulfate 25-30. Make ridge in a field of size of the make it after making the same score, big ridge in a field is apart from 65 centimeters, small raised path between fields is apart from 45 centimeters, ridge in a field is 15 centimeters tall. Happen to prevent chili flocculus disease, every mus of ground must apply 5 kilogram vitriolic zinc.

3, field planting: In April bottom or the field planting at the beginning of May. Field planting density every mus of 4000 individual plant, spacing in the rows 30 centimeters, average row spacing 55 centimeters.

4, field management: ⑴ is applied early apply the fertilizer that carry a young plant gently. Transplant hind irrigates delay seedling water instantly, there is not earth on blade, combinative intertill applies right amount manure to regard a seedling as fertilizer, avoid by all means is applied more. ⑵ applies bud fertilizer firmly. Blossom in great quantities in plant and fructification not a long time, chase after the need that applies right amount fertilizer to blossom and bear fruit in order to satisfy chili, but should prevent top application to cause plant excessive growth too much, fall flower, general Hefei of every mus of Shi Fu 15 kilogram. Intertill 1-2 second, undertake hill up. Catchment prevent waterlogging notices after entering rainy season, bao Qing hind should irrigate even day of overcast and rainy in time urine. ⑶ applies beautiful fruit fertilizer again. Every mus can rush use chili humic acid water develops fertilizer 20 kilogram, every 15-20 day is strong apply 1 times, lian Chong 2-3 second. Chili result is filled period, should notice to prevent to fall flower, premature drop, fallen leaves, should spray right now 1500 times fluid and chili pruning protect abundant of 30% any of several hot spice plants bell element 2-3 of 500 times fluid second. Day of every other 7-8 waters 1 times, want to irrigate urine, flooding of flood of avoid by all means. Seasonable deep intertill, prevent excessive growth. ⑷ is the herbicide between precautionary corn field to produce medicine to kill to chili, at the beginning of June (wheat harvest around) can spray solution kills fast Kang Ling or plant gold white 1000 times fluid.
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