Chili breed -- river greens 2
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Author: Origin of breed of Pan Baogui   of arms of gold of Wang Shubin Liu: River greens 2 chili are institute of vegetable of academy of sciences of Jiangsu province agriculture of newest seed selection in breed of cross of form of early ox horn. Saved crop breed through Jiangsu in June 2002 authorized committee is authorized.

Breed character: Plant is begun partly, individual plant is expensive 48, 50cm, individual plant 40, 42cm, ramose capability is strong, 4 when average yield can amount to 6 × 10(square) Kg / hectare, than " cloud abundant any of several hot spice plants " increase production 40.59 % , 49.95 % . Form of fructification thick ox horn, chinese olive green, old ripe fruit is vermeil, burnish is good, fructification surface has channel of a few shallow arris, average sheet weighs 80g if really, fructification vertical diameter 16, 18cm, horizontal diameter 4.5, 5.5cm, pulp thick 0.35cm is controlled, content of Vc of 100g Xian Guo is 142.8mg, flavour is hot, quality is good and be able to bear or endure lay aside carry. Capability of field and integrated disease-resistant is strong, in Jiangsu province area tries reach index of sick patient's condition of manufacturing experiment virus to be 2.9, 4.4, index of anthrax sick patient's condition is 2, 2.5, all be disease-resistant. This breed gives birth to the way corp is growing in the plant below high temperature strong, sit to be led if really tall, it is the ideal breed in protecting the chili after ground autumn is delayed to help advance somebody's career at present.

Get used to an area: Help advance somebody's career after big canopy of catchment of yellow the Huaihe River, river the Huaihe River and solar conservatory Qiu Yan, film of small canopy of early spring of catchment of the Yangtse River, ground enclothes the ground that reach dew to help advance somebody's career, southwest spring shows the ground to help advance somebody's career, guangdong, guangxi,