Luo Caijiao of humble of Holand breed Sa
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Any of several hot spice plants of colour of Sa Fei collect is our country the high grade and vegetable variety that from Holand luck Ke Siwang company introduces, increase production potential is greater, disease resistance is strong.

This breed plant spreads out in spending, wait, unripe the way corp is growing is stronger, between the section short. Comfortable at early spring big canopy is cultivated, also apply to dew ground to cultivate. Although also have below cold climate condition,sit goodly fruit function. Gains is big, rectangle, the wall is large, below normal temperature, fructification length can amount to 12-14 centimeter, average diameter 8-10 centimeter, appearance is shining, the color when maturity is bright red, commodity sex is good, can be in green fruit period collect close, also can be in period of the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn is collected close. Average sheet weighs 200-250 gram if really, the biggest odd fruit can amount to 500 grams above again, flavour is delicious. Crop of every square metre can amount to big canopy 25 kilograms of above, every mus of crop is in 16 thousand kilograms of above, fight the virus disease such as rusty spot disease and nicotian mosaic.