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Breed chili

Breed origin Of seed selection of institute of Hunan Province vegetable in breed of ripe cross chili.

Diagnostic character Unripe the way corp is growing is medium, ramose force is powerful. Individual plant is 50 centimeters expensive, open latitude of emulsion 58 centimeters. Fructification grows ox horn form, color is light green, grow 17 centimeters if really, fruit is 3.5 centimeters wide, the flesh is thick 0. 3 centimeters, odd fruit weighs 35 grams. Fleshy qualitative delicacy, hot and not intense, heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure drought. Disease resistance is outstanding, it is the breed with home's rare extremely strong adaptability. Collect close period early, and result of can straight summer, but after autumn bumper harvest, close to be collected in chili period most mixed breed, collect close period can be as long as 170 days; High yield, average yield 45000 kilogram / hectare, tall person can amount to 75000 kilogram / hectare.