Fight breed of chili of virus disease, anthrax disease
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B spy early chili is the door of pimiento Shanghai eggplant that by classics of any of several hot spice plants of part of Henan early sheep much more acting only individual plant makes what Yo becomes hand in A03 and Shanghai to introduce oneself oneself the generation that becomes via seed selection of 6 season only individual plant C11 makes up is crossbred, through countrywide crop breed joint hearing of authorized committee member was decided in March 2003 (country careful dish 2002066) . This breed individual plant relatively open business, individual plant is expensive 45 ~ 50 centimeters, ramose sex is stronger, xie Lu is lubricious. The 1st flower is worn be born at the 7th. Form of fructification ox horn, grow 14.55 centimeters if really, fruit is tall 3.31 centimeters wide, pulp is thick 0.46 millimeter, odd fruit weighs 32.6 grams, green of black ripe any of several hot spice plants, fruit surface is slicker, flavour is hotter, vitamin C content 1148 milligram / kilogram. Early, come from field planting collect close about 96 days, early days sits to be centered if really. Fight virus disease, anthrax disease. The appropriate spring big canopy, precocity that show the ground helps advance somebody's career, also can help advance somebody's career after Qiu Yan, spring of catchment of the Yangtse River helps advance somebody's career general mu produce 3500 ~ 4500 kilogram. Suit big in vegetable production base cultivates periphery of a wide place in the road. Form of cause and effect is medium slant small, unfavorable major allocates and transport base is cultivated.