"The cloud does any of several hot spice plants 3 "
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Come from 2005, bureau of agriculture of county of hill of Yunnan province inkstone and save farming division courtyard clasp, begin seed selection of chili new breed, demonstrative work, try hard through a few years, with Qiu Bei chili is close this small chili crossbreeding obtains striking progress, expert of courtyard of province farming division is this close breeding go out with small chili of this state this locality new breed of cross generation small chili " the cloud does any of several hot spice plants 3 " . This hybrid strain is undertaken demonstrative helping advance somebody's career by bureau of agriculture of inkstone hill county, autumn 2007 grow seedlings, 2008 early spring field planting, adopted ground film to enclothe standardization of double travel ridging ridging plough to cultivate. In set an example, this breed and photograph of this locality chili are compared, show emerge early, emerge is neat; Seedling hale; Ramose much, the way corp is growing is exuberant; In advance blossoms and bear fruit; Fruit rate is high, fruit better; Fight go against, disease resistance is stronger wait for a characteristic, get all round of masses love. Recently, those who save hall of science and technology to organize provincial concerned expert to set an example to bureau of agriculture of inkstone hill county " the cloud does any of several hot spice plants 3 " undertake field ancient bronze mirror is judged, offerred sufficient affirmation to this breed.
"The cloud does any of several hot spice plants 3 " set an example in inkstone hill county score a success, indicating Yunnan province is small chili crossbreeding obtains a breakthrough. The seed selection of this breed is successful, fill the blank that Yunnan saves small chili crossbreeding. Chili of north of grave of article hill city had hybrid strain from now on, to promoting chili crop further production value will have important sense.