Choose 2 F1 especially
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A kind but the four seasons helps advance somebody's career used chili new breed, choose 2 F1 especially, by Henan province the county that help channel up is planted room of breeding of seedling institute chili uses the big fruit with the bannerest international chili to changeful factor kisses this matched stack and be become. Diagnostic character: This breed plant is very hale, xie Se is black green, fight a gender especially strong, 1999 Qiu Yanchi helps advance somebody's career in the experiment, it is the breed that only did not contract virus, its result capability is strong, go up, size of lower level fruit is even, form of fructification thick ox horn, grow 16.50-18 if really centimeter, humeral diameter 4.50-5.50 centimeter, the flesh is thick 0.4 centimeters, odd fruit weighs 100 grams left and right sides, the biggest odd fruit weighs 150 grams left and right sides, the flesh is thick, Pi Guang, erect, without knit, commodity character is very good. Chinese olive bottle green, mature fruit is vermeil, gains is solid, extremely be able to bear or endure lay aside carry. Qiu Yanchi helps advance somebody's career " choose 2 especially " chili, its lamina keeps black to March green, fructification color still very bright-coloured, changeless soft. Short ties is more between the section, fruit longer bigger. Only of Qiu Yan big canopy does not produce virus disease, fight epidemic disease. Alleged disease-resistant drugs plants Yuan Qiupeng disease of sick also poison happens, and general breed sends virus more easily, "Choose 2 especially " chili does not have any disease almost, disease resistance beyond challenge. Overcame Qiu Yan big canopy congener breed fruit too short, the problem with successive result poor ability. "Choose 2 especially " chili is earlier, short, plant is compact between the section, not easy excessive growth. Sit fruit capability is extremely strong, the result is much and concentration, and but successive result, later period fruit still keeps extremely long and big, crop compares any of several hot spice plants any of several hot spice plants of one date, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces 4 increase production 35% above, have clinking high yield sex. No matter Chinese olive, the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn is deposited for a long time,do not send absolutely soft. Qiu Yan time is longer, heat preservation condition is good, after can postponing Qiu Zhichun red-letter day very long period of time, adaptability is extremely strong, this kind spring big canopy, big canopy of Chun Lou ground, Qiu Yan, two wide south dish north carry helps advance somebody's career to all be best.