Chili is alkaline (BZ-007)
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Product brief introduction»

English name: N-Vanill   Ylnonamide
Structural formula: C17H27NO3
Molecular quantity: 293.4

Product introduction:
Chili element is a kind of alkaloid that contains sweetgrass acyl amine, natural chili element by element of chili element, 2 hydrogen chili, fall the series such as element of element of chili of hydrogen of element of 2 hydrogen chili, second year in high school, tall chili is congener composition of place of content a group of things with common features, chili is alkaline in only amine of acyl of Ren acerbity herb is had most intense bitter taste and very intense excitant. - amine of acyl of Ren acerbity herb;
Melting point: 56-58 ℃ ; Decompose temperature: 340 ℃ ; Water-solubility: In the 27ppm when 25 ℃ .

Main use:
Chili is alkaline basically use as at material of nerve peptide P- , small intestine of passageway of the Ca2 + that can open cellular film to go up, Na + , block up absorbs sulfur amine element, the garrison post that has ideal is fond of loose of antiphlogistic, stimulate the menstrual flow, invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu intention, apply extensively already at treating poison of rheumatism, injuries from falls, frostbite, cancer, give up, town to ache, stop a variety of medicaments production such as urticant, antiseptic, diminish inflammation. Can cure a few be like: The nerve after berpes zoster aches, nerve of rheumatism sex arthritis and osteoarthritis, diabetic sex aches, serious psoriasis treat sexual disease hard. Can use at having addiction analgesia, restrain circulation of bacterial fungus, stimulative blood, can make brush agent, tincture, breast to cream, stick an agent to wait.  

Chili is alkaline it is hot pepper of eggplant division plant (L of   of Capicum   Frutescens) in fructification basically present hot material, it is alkaloid of a kind of exceeding and acrimony sweetgrass acyl amine, have a variety of complex physiology pharmacodynamics active, right certain the feeling that contains P material function of bowel of function of neurological, heart and vessels, lung, temperature adjustment, stomach has distinct effect, have antiphlogistic analgesia, promote adipose metabolization, urge the action such as the tear, among them relatively outstanding is action of its individual lasting effect analgesia. Chili is alkaline already was closed to carry at American pharmacopoeia 24 edition, the bequeath after be being used extensively at treating sprain of ache of arthritis, muscle, backache, motion and berpes zoster is neuralgic wait. Learn by American cure (AMA) of chief editor " Drug   Evaluasion " also receive its the diabetic sex is neuralgic, neuralgic first selection medicaments after be remedial bleb. Basically use as at present external use aconite anodyne, stop disappear of urticant agent, be good at stomach feeds agent, precaution heart disease medicine, medicine reducing weight, insecticide and martial utility.
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