Cool skin chili (40 grams / bag)
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Product brief introduction»

" detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " on say: Rice can be raised lienal, wheat can fill heart. Lienal good, flesh is soft, the heart is good, the person is honest sincere. So, generally speaking, chinese go-between, much more unripe Demibai is delicate dapper, mem and women the skin is good do not say, also eat face skin to eat more beautiful more every day!  
The modulation of secret recipe condiment uses a method:
One, burden: 29 kinds of natural plants such as caoguo, Chinese prickly ash, big ginger of sweet, fine, Jiang Pian, small sweet, white cardamom seed, Gong Kou, cassia bark, clove, the course chooses strictly, adopt contemporary carbonado make a technology machine and become.
2, executive standard: GBT15691.  
3, wholesome licence: Han Wei eats a word [2000] 163
4, the expiration period: 18 months
5, modulation method: This tasting those who be semi-manufactured goods is dry article, must press the following method to make up:  
1, advocate makings: To taste 40g originally a bag (cool skin expects) , complementary makings: Chili gram, sesame seed rapeseed of 20 grams, plant is oily.
2, burn vegetable oil to boiling hind a bit cool 1 minute or so (chili cannot blacken in oil for optimal) , enter container inside ordinal put agitate of chili, sesame seed even can. Every bags of cool skin is special condiment: The semi-manufactured goods that weight is 30g (condense powdery substance) .  
3, makings of every bags of 40 grams is OK modulation: 100 ~ 300 bowls.

Product feature»

Brand Zhu Ge
Product model 40 grams / bag
Product standards 100 bags / .
Product output 1000000 bags /
Product value 100 bags /
In the Western Han Dynasty of short for Shaanxi Province of country of origin
Bag of the 40g/ that pack
The smallest order a quantity 200 bags
Carriage way other people flows
Company name Chinese in culture of 10 thousand dimension expands a company