Sauce of yellow lantern pepper (sweet hot 100g)
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Product brief introduction»

Yellow lantern chili, renown emperor any of several hot spice plants, have sweet hot, after feeding not the characteristic of suffer from excessive internal heat, the product does not have the additive such as pigment essence, antiseptic and sweet hot element, pure natural, little hot a special skill, QS feeds character to measure safe attestation.
Lantern chili originates in Hainan south only, shape is like a lantern, get a name consequently, its are hot degree of 4-5 that is common chili times, hot degree amount to 150 thousand hot spend an unit, the beauty of the king ” that has “ chili praise.
Sauce of yellow lantern pepper (sweet hot) inside contain the head of garlic, carrot, the content of chili is in 50 % above. Nutrition of sauce of this kind of pepper is sufficient, flavour is delicious.
Technological process: First souse, allocate again, final evaporate is boiled. This kind of distinctive practice makes pepper sauce more tasty, and after feeding not suffer from excessive internal heat.
Sauce of pepper of green wet yellow lantern chooses Hainan especially chili of fresh yellow lantern is main raw material, according to nutrition configuration and pharmacodynamics combine conpatibility of medicines, use modern engineering technology and modern production to equipment refines and be become, bright hot faint scent, natural and healthy, after feeding not suffer from excessive internal heat, it is classy spice already, it is beautiful of give sb a present is tasted.

Force of our company technology is abundant, have top-ranking technology and talented person, it is < standard of place of province of Hainan of > of sauce of yellow lantern pepper drafts an unit.

Product feature»

Brand green tide
Bottle of product standards 100g/
Bottle of 3.80/ of product value ¥
Hainan of country of origin
Wrap bottle to install
The smallest order a quantity 300 bottles
Limited company of science and technology of biology of green tide of company name Hainan